Long time no blog

It has been aaaages since I blogged. I have finished uni now and I graduate next week. Very exciting. Still dont have a job. Would be nice if people even replied to emails. Oh well surely I’ll find a job sometime in the near future.

I stacked on some weight in the last few years while Ive been finishing Masters. A mate of mine suggested doing Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge. I didnt really think it would work. I thought I ate pretty healthy and I used to run a lot and I just put on weight. So, I thought I would give it a crack

English: Michelle Bridges at the film premiere...

English: Michelle Bridges at the film premiere of Water for Elephants. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the fitness test, I started on intermediate instead of advanced because I was getting over a horrible headcold. The first week the exercises took about 2 hours because it seems I have absolutely no core strength, abs or strength. Nor did I have any idea how to do the exercises so it took me a bit to get the hang of them.

The cooking was a bit of a revelation too. I thought as a vegetarian I was cooking pretty healthy with lots of vegies. Turns out I only thought that I was. Again cooking takes me an extra hour because there are soo many more vegies to chop and extra ingredients. The first week, m meals were not really loved. My step son barely touched them. It did not bode well for my Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge.

Week 1 weigh in I had lost 2kgs. 2kgs, how did that happen? I was pretty astounded and thought I didnt do my original weigh in correctly. Too late in the day and wearing jeans.

Week 2 went a bit more smoothly. I started to get the hang of the exercises so I could manage to get them done in the allotted time. Cooking was still taking about 2 hours and to be honest a bit of a budget stretch. At the end of week 2 I lost another kilo. So 3 kilos down. I truly cant believe it. I am exercising for 1 hour a day, so far 4 days a week and I seem to be eating more food than before.

So this is week 3. I decided to increase to the Advance Lean and Fit program because I am down to my last 5kgs and Graduation is next week. My Michelle Bridges dvds arrived yesterday, so Im going to have a go at one of them today. I thought it would help me with my pace.

I also wanted to keep a record of my families favourite meals because there isnt really anywhere on Michelles site for me to do that.

Bean Stew and polenta was an absolute winner. Added red wine vinegar and herbs. Stewed it for about 10 hours instead of 20 minutes like the recipe says. My husband said  “Tastiest meal you have cooked since we have been married.” Hmm I ll take the compliment.

Lebanese green bean stew

Lebanese green bean stew (Photo credit: massdistraction)

Egglant parmagiana was delicious. Kids even ate the eggplant. Putting the tomatoes and onion in the blender gave it a mincey texture. This was fantastic.

Nasi Goreng. Didnt have the sweet soy sauce , Kecap Manis, so I googled and found that simmering brown sugar and soy sauce together would taste the same. The recipe for the rice didnt work, so I had to do the rice again. Dinner wasnt ready till 7. The family wolfed it down. I havent had nasi goreng before. So it was hard to tell if it tasted anything like it was supposed to. I will say my family inhaled it. So we will make that one again :))

English: Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin, Bandung

English: Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin, Bandung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cocoa, Walnuts and dates blended was a massive hit.My daughter ate a lot more of them than I did.

Tomorrow is weigh in day..lets see how that goes :))

Would it be lame to take photos of my dinners and post them?